Financial Inclusion

Good Shepherd New Zealand is leading the development of domestic microfinance in New Zealand as a way to break cycles of social and economic disadvantage. Giving people access to fair, safe and affordable credit not only helps them increase their financial capability, but can also lead to better social and health outcomes.

Our Community Finance initiative is a partnership with the Bank of New Zealand (BNZ) to deliver no or low interest loans to people living on limited incomes. It is delivered through community-based service providers such as The Salvation Army, Aviva and Vaka Tautua, and is supported with operational funding provided by the New Zealand Government. It is based on the successful model set up by Good Shepherd Microfinance in Australia. Read more about community finance.

No Interest Loan Scheme (NILS)

NILS gives individuals and families on low incomes access to safe and affordable credit to buy essential household assets or services.

StepUP low interest loans

StepUP loans are available to help people buy essential household goods and services. StepUP is a not-for-profit partnership with BNZ.

Supporting microfinance in NZ

We support the growth of microfinance in New Zealand through our own community provider partnerships and by supporting a broader network.

“This loan has helped me so much. It’s important for people like me to have a chance to get a loan even if they’re unemployed – I would never have got a job without it.”

Jesse, StepUP loan recipient

Community Finance loan scheme a big help

A simple $5000 loan is making a world of difference to Billy Astle. The South Aucklander is among those making the most of our Community Finance initiative.

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