NILS - No Interest Loan Scheme

Accessible loans with no interest for people on limited incomes.

How does NILS work?

Good Shepherd’s No Interest Loan Scheme (NILS) provides individuals and families on limited incomes with access to safe, fair and affordable credit to buy essential household assets or services.

Download the NILS video or NILS brochure

How much are the loans?

Loan amounts are typically between $300 to $1,000 for essential goods and services, but may be more depending on the NILS programme. Repayments are set up at an affordable amount, usually over 12 months.

What are NILS loans for?

  • Car repairs

  • Household items such as beds, dining room furniture, lounge suites, fridges, washing machines, stoves, dryers and freezers

  • Some medical and dental services

  • Education essentials such as computers and text books

  • Other items as approved

  • Loans cannot be used for cash, rent arrears, debt consolidation, holidays or to pay bills

What do I need to qualify?

• You must be currently eligible for a Community Services card or be on a limited income
• You need to have lived at your current address for more than three months
• You need to show a willingness and capacity to repay

How do I apply?

To enquire about a NILS loan and to make an application, please visit to contact your nearest provider.

NILS providers are currently in the following locations:

  • Whangarei

  • Waitakere/Henderson

  • Royal Oak

  • Mt Wellington

  • Manukau

  • Pukekohe

  • Hamilton

  • Tauranga

  • Napier

  • Palmerston North

  • Porirua

  • Wellington City

  • Christchurch

  • Invercargill



A NILS loan led to new-found hope for Shantelle

At 24, Shantelle quit her job to look after younger sister Chloe and then fell pregnant. After her daughter was born the family moved into a new home, but didn’t have everything they needed. Shantelle would take her young daughter on the bus to the laundromat a couple of times a week and was getting stressed about maintaining the lawns at her rented property. Shantelle heard about NILS and applied for a loan to buy a washing machine and a lawn mower. For Shantelle, NILS resulted in more than convenience and time-saving, it has freed her to have hope and allowed her to set goals. She has since returned to study and her teachers are encouraging her to do a tutor’s course.

"The opportunity to apply for interest-free loans like this, to help young women, young mums like me to better themselves is such a positive thing. Now I’m a lot more confident. The loan just lifted so much stress off me, and having these household items has allowed me to concentrate on myself now and think about my future rather than the day-to-day running of the household all the time."

Shantelle, NILS loan recipient