Our network

Good Shepherd New Zealand is part of a global network, spanning over 70 countries, working to create just and equal communities where women and girls can lead full, safe lives.

Good Shepherd's international network

Good Shepherd has been committed, and mobilised, for nearly 200 years; going to some of the most challenging places around the world to work for social change. Good Shepherd International has Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations for its work with women and girls.

Good Shepherd agencies in New Zealand and Australia

Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand plays a governance role in the broader Good Shepherd network in New Zealand and Australia. Everyone in this network shares the same mission, vision, purpose and values.

Being part of this network means Good Shepherd New Zealand is able to have a greater impact on breaking intergenerational cycles of disadvantage in this part of the world.

Our network also includes:

Good Shepherd Microfinance (Australia)

St Clare's School (Australia)

The Trading Circle (Australia)


We are co-responsible for the mission

The core of this painting represents Good Shepherd's spirituality, philosophy, values, ethos, spirit and passion for our mission. The spirals coming from the core are an expression of us all doing our own part, as individuals or agency groups. We are immersed in our various parts of Good Shepherd, but we all share the same purpose and are co-responsible for continuing the mission.