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Economic harm vs economic abuse

What comes to mind when you think about the word abuse? Is it a word that you identify with, or does it feel a bit alien, like a word that involves someone else?   The answer to these questions has shaped the language we use when we talk about economic harm. We explain why we use the word harm over
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What’s good about Good Loans?

Our Good Loans programme is designed to give you a helping hand whilst improving your long term financial wellbeing. Our no and low interest loans provide a fair and affordable way for you to purchase essential items or services. The loans can be used for second-hand cars, car repairs, new
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Three reasons why people end up in debt

No one is immune to debt. Whether it’s due to a sudden change or having an income that remains low over a long period of time – debt can happen to anyone. Before we dive into the different reasons why someone might have debt, it’s worth pointing out that not
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Akapeea koe e kite ei te tu takinokino o te turanga moni

To celebrate Cook Islands Language Week our Economic Harm Facilitator, Kiti Tauira, has translated our how to recognise economic harm blog. Kare te takinokino o te turanga moni e akaruke I tetai au ira pakia. Mei tetai au tu takinokino’anga, ka kiteakore’ia – te akamata’anga o te akamomotu’anga o te
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How to recognise economic harm

Economic harm doesn’t leave visible marks. Like other forms of violence, it can be subtle – beginning with the smallest breach of trust and build over time.  Economic harm can affect anyone. It is experienced in the context of power and control. The impact can be devastating and can influence
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