Are you aware of your power?

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We have all experienced forms of privilege in differing ways and degrees. 

All society is governed by norms, unwritten rules and etiquette – this is where power and privilege exist. 

Privilege is a set of rules that provides unearned access to resources for some people, while restricted access to it for other people. 

For example, there are no rules saying women cannot get paid the same as men, and yet it happens. 

There is a balance between privilege and disadvantage, and there are different rules for different cultures.

Privilege and power influence the way you manage and make decisions in intimate partner relationships. 

Some people are fully aware of it and use it intentionally as a believed sense of entitlement, while others are unaware they have it or are even using it.

We’ve created a check your privilege test where you can identify any privilege that could be influencing certain elements of your relationship. 

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Good Shepherd NZ has built this toolkit in collaboration with Dr Ayesha Scott of AUT’s Finance Department.