A life changing impact

April 8, 2021

Maria’s Good Loan gave her the confidence to smile again, all while keeping her car on the road.

Maria had been looking for a no interest loan to help her with a small medical bill. 

“I tried all my possibilities, but they all wanted guarantees, asking if I owned my own house or business.” Maria said. 

Maria said she had always had trouble with her teeth, but due to expensive dentist costs and a limited income she was never able to prioritise her dental health. 

“When you can’t eat what you like, everything is very bleak and dark.” she said.

Maria used her Good Loan to pay her medical bill for her teeth while leaving enough money left over to ensure her car passed its warrant. 

“I am now very happy.” she shared.

Maria said she found the loan process fast, efficient and easy to understand.  

“You changed my life,” Maria told her loan worker. 

“Good Loan has made an enormous, huge difference. I can smile very beautifully, it gives me confidence and my car is also looking beautiful.

“Every day I am saying thank you.”


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