Good Loans: My second chance

September 16, 2021

When Julie’s Good Loan was approved for a new washing machine, her outlook changed, she gained a sense of freedom and hope.

She no longer had to go to the laundromat or rely on her friends, but more importantly for Julie, it felt like a second chance – something she felt she was never going to get.

She told us:

“Good Loans has given me faith that there is hope to change, hope to move forward” 


When Julie met her Good Loans Advisor, she immediately felt a sense of comfort.

“My Good Loans Advisor was so lovely and couldn’t have been nicer. I thought ‘there are actually nice people out there that want to help’.”

Initially, before she met her Good Loans Advisor, Julie told us she had little confidence which made her feel very nervous to apply for the loan.

“I remember going up the stairs – I was so, so nervous because I was in such a low place. My confidence was at zero.” she said.

But when Julie got up the stairs, she felt welcomed.

Julie applied for her Good Loan through Aviva, a family-violence agency in Christchurch.

For Julie, Aviva made all the difference.

“There’s empathy and it’s people you can actually talk to,” she said.

“They’re aware of the fact that there’s been some trauma, your self-worth is a bit low and you’re trying to get your life back on track. Other places can be so black and white, they’re ticking boxes, and you’re not going to get the same empathy.”

We partner with community-based organisations to ensure Good Loans can reach as many New Zealanders as possible – no matter their background.


Julie’s Good Loan was approved.

She told us she was so excited by the phone call that confirmed her loan application had been approved.

“Someone had given me a chance and said yes. It had been so long since I’d experienced a positive like that.”

For Julie, it was the kindness, the safe space and the feeling of hope that she took away from her Good Loan.

“I wasn’t judged for my experiences, I wasn’t judged for being in an abusive relationship and wasn’t judged for having been in prison. For me, Good Loans was a second chance.”

When we asked her if she had any advice to someone thinking about a Good Loan she said:

“I think more than anything, when you have such low self-worth you would put off applying for Good Loans because you don’t want that rejection. But just do it, because you may be pleasantly surprised.”

“Good Loans gave me faith that there is hope to change, hope to move forward. I have learned to take things day by day, not thinking too far ahead, baby steps.”

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Please note: the name and any identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of the person involved

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