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Identity and Address Verification Options

Before you can complete a Good Loan application, you will need to verify your identity and address.

This allows us to confirm who is making an application, and who we are offering a loan to, so we comply with the laws about giving loans.

Face-to-face option:

If you are having a face-to-face appointment with one of our community advocates to make your Good Loan application, then you will need to provide your original identity and address documents to be copied at that appointment.

Phone based options:

If you are making a loan application via phone and email, then you have two options to verify your identity and address.

You may either:

Provide images of yourself with your photo ID:
  • Email a head-shot image with your photo ID next to your face, so it can clearly be seen that your face matches the photo on the identification.
  • If you attend a loan application appointment via video call you may hold your photo identification up to your face during this appointment, so a screenshot image can be taken with your photo ID next to your face.
  • You will also need to provide images (photos or scans) of the back of your photo ID (unless it is a passport), plus images of other appropriate supporting identification and address verification documents.
Use Centrix SmartID to verify your identity electronically:
  • If you have a passport or a NZ driver licence, you may use SmartID. This is a secure, streamlined way for you to electronically verify your identity and address from the comfort of your own home.

See below for more information on SmartID.

Documents to verify your identity

This can be any of following:

  • A New Zealand driver’s license AND a supporting form of ID such as NZ bank statement, item or statement from a government agency (e.g., Community Services Card).
  • One form of photo ID such as a driver’s licence, Kiwi Access or 18+ card AND a supporting form of non-photo ID such as a birth certificate or certificate of citizenship.
  • One form of primary photo ID such as a passport or firearms license.
Documents to verify your address

An official document that has your legal name and current residential address, such as:

  • A New Zealand driver’s license
  • A power, gas, water, internet or rates bill
  • A government document, a bank document or insurance policy
  • A document from an NZQA registered education provider
  • A residential rental agreement
  • A letter from your current employer
  • Confirmation of other loans

If you have recently moved or are in temporary accommodation, we may need some more information.

This is not a full list of verification we can accept, so please ask if you have other identification documents.

Click here for more information about what to expect when applying for a Good Loan.

To learn about how we treat your personal information and your rights and responsibilities as a Good Loans client please click here.

What is SmartID?

We use Centrix SmartID as a secure, streamlined way for our client’s to electronically verify their identity and address. This gives you, as the client, the ease of completing a reliable identity verification process online using a smartphone or similar electronic device – like a tablet.

Centrix is a New Zealand-based credit bureau that has been operating since 2009.

If you agree to provide us with verification of your identity and address using Centrix SmartID we will send you a text link to complete your verification. When you click on that link, you will be asked to follow the process illustrated below, including consenting to share your identification information with us.

Once you have completed the Centrix SmartID identity and address verification process Centrix will securely provide a Centrix SmartID report to Good Loans.

How Centrix SmartID works:

Each SmartID link can only be used once, so it is important you have your client identification documents ready, your device is charged and has enough data and you have time to finish the process once you have started.

Step one

Begin the journey with a link which is delivered via text.

This takes you to the start of the verification process where you are told how your private details will be managed before being asked to consent to sharing your information with a tick to ‘Accept Privacy’

Step two

Select your identification document type, either a passport or a New Zealand driver’s licence, then use your device’s camera to photograph this document.

Centrix SmartID intelligently reads the photograph and tests the document – cross-referencing authenticity marks and digitises any text in the image like name, date of birth, etc.

Step three

Using your phone’s camera, you will be prompted to take a video selfie, capturing a front and profile view of your face. You will need to take off your glasses, hat and mask for this video.

Centrix SmartID then biometrically matches your video selfie with the photograph of your identification document, and that the data is correct against official data sources.

Step four

Review the information taken from your identification and type in any corrections, if needed.  

Step five

Enter your current residential address.

Centrix SmartID will check this address against their trusted databases, to verify this as your current address.

Step six

You have finished the Centrix SmartID process.

A Centrix SmartID report is provided to your Good Loans Advisor or Financial Wellbeing Coach. They will contact you to discuss any verification issues or, where your identification has been successfully completed, to provide you with a loan offer letter. 

Frequently asked questions

Any smartphone with a front and rear camera and the ability to connect to the internet will be able to do a Centrix SmartID verification.

The process can also be completed on a tablet with these features if the texted link can be accessed on that device.

Please note, the link can only be sent to a phone number.

The process is quick and not data intensive, similar to sending a selfie to a friend.

The SmartID process can be completed in a few minutes – all required is taking a photo of your ID document and recording a short video of yourself.

The link is available until accessed, although each link can only be used once. If you partially finished a link and close the page, clicking the link you were originally sent will take you back to where you left off. Ask your Good Loans Advisor or Financial Wellbeing Coach if you need them to send you the link again.

We can only access your personal information with your permission. The Centrix SmartID process involves comparing your image from your scanned document with your video selfie and against registers such as the Driver’s License database. These are all secure connections to keep your information safe.

The Biometric information is held in a secure environment in Microsoft Azure, and you have consented for only Good Shepherd NZ to access this information for Good Loans. Microsoft Azure has an excellent security reputation and Centrix also have strong security protocols. These include security protocols such as digital certificates, advanced cryptography, and encryption.

No – you have only given Good Shepherd NZ consent to access your personal information, and they can only use it for the purposes stated in their Good Loans Client Rights and Responsibilities Statement.

Know who you are providing personal information to and the reasons why. Only click on links when you expect to receive them, and never give out passwords.  Always read the Privacy Notices on who is getting access to your information and for what purposes. It should be clear and easy to understand.

All consumers can request access to the information held about them at a Credit Reporting Bureau such as Centrix. You can also ask your Good Loans Advisor or Financial Wellbeing Coach for a copy if you wish.


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