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We can provide you with support with the financial challenges of family violence. Please call us or complete our form.

You can also contact our Financial Wellbeing Coach – Economic Harm by completing our online form.

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Get Support

Get in touch to discuss a concern or to refer a client

Our Economic Harm Specialists can provide support with the financial challenges of family violence.

Our specialists have experience in financial capability, advocacy and working with those who have experienced family violence and economic harm. 

If you want to discuss a concern or refer a client you can call 0800 466 370 option 4 to speak to our Economic Harm Specialists. 

You can also contact our Economic Harm Specialists by completing our online form.

Our Specialists can help:

Additional support

If you suspect economic harm is occurring, other forms of family violence may also be present. 

Family violence agencies are best placed to work with you to establish whether other forms of abuse are occurring in your relationship and we would encourage you to call one of the agencies listed below.

It is important to take some form of action to stop or address economic harm, but only when it is safe to do so.

If your safety is at immediate risk, please ring the New Zealand Police – 111

Economic harm support

Please enter your details below to get in touch with one of our Economic Harm Specialists. 


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