Debt collecting: a new approach

November 8, 2022

General Manager, Mark Francis, from DebtManagers has been able to provide debt relief to some of our clients experiencing economic harm. 

Mark shares his perspective on why they want to do this. 

For DebtManagers and myself it is important our customers can reach out to a service that understands their situation. Many people struggle to articulate their reasons for non-payment and this is where the economic harm support service is imperative.   

The economic harm support service is a hub of communication between a creditor, like us, and a customer in debt. Immediately trusted by both parties the service easily resolves issues to the satisfaction of both parties.  

The service understands our point of view, that the debt is owed and should, where and when possible, be paid back. And it can clearly explain the customers’ situation to us. It helps us assess the fair action to take or plan for – making our job easier.  

Debt pressure can cause anything from physical to mental illness, family violence or communities living in circumstances none of us want as a society – including homelessness. Many of these things can be simply reversed if breathing space is allowed. 

Anybody who uses the economic support service is offered the opportunity to have somebody aid them in untangling financial issues that have been caused by an enormous variety of events.  

I think with its expertise and focus on economic harm, the service has insights others do not and it’s able to explain things that would otherwise be missed. 

Economic harm is a priority for us. We will continue to have customer-driven conversations around affordability and refer people to the service.  

Economic harm can be insidious and is often not noticed or felt until it has reached a critical stage, so we are also open to thinking about new ways to support people experiencing it and currently, this means we are percolating around economic harm; including how to better recognise and respond to it. 

I truly believe that DebtManagers will drag debt collection into a fairer space by showing a commercial entity it can operate working alongside people and organisations like Good Shepherd NZ. 

The Good Shepherd team have been brilliant to work with. 

Mark Francis

Mark Francis

General Manager at DebtManagers