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Discover what events we have coming up or catch up on a previous webinar. 

We have a range of topical and interesting events for you to take part in or review in your own time. Find out what’s been going on at Good Shepherd NZ.


Discover what events we have coming up or catch-up on a previous webinar.


Discover what events we have coming up or catch-up on a previous webinar.

Previous events

Webinar: Introducing our Healthy Financial Relationships Toolkit

1:00pm-2:00pm, Tuesday 26th July


Explore our new Healthy Financial Relationships Toolkit with the experts behind it.

Over the past year we have been busy working alongside AUT to launch our Healthy Financial Relationships Toolkit, bespoke to New Zealand, based on the findings from our joint research project last year.

Join economic harm specialist Beryl Brogden from Good Shepherd NZ and AUT’s Senior Finance Lecturer Dr. Ayesha Scott, as they take you through our new toolkit; highlighting how you can use it to support your clients and use it within your own relationships.

Webinar: Introduction to new economic harm support service pilot

1:00pm-2:00pm, Thursday 7th July


We invite people working in the family violence sector to join our economic harm specialists, Vanessa and Beryl, as they take you through our new support service that’s designed to help your clients experiencing economic harm.

Discover how this new service can support your clients experiencing economic harm.

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Webinar: Money and relationships – why conversations matter

1:00pm-2:00pm, Tuesday, 28th June

Bridgette Jackson from Equal Exes, Dr Ayesha Scott from AUT,  Latayvia Tualasea Tautai from YWCA and our very own Nicola Eccleton explore :

– Why conversations about money matter in a relationship

– The challenges people face when it comes to raising this awkward topic

– Steps people can put in place to protect them from changing circumstances

– How the toolkit can provide a wide variety of entry points to open these conversations

– What support is available when money goes wrong in a relationship

Webinar: Understanding Economic Harm

For Economic Harm Awareness Day, our panelists Dr Ayesha Scott from AUT, Martin King from BNZ and NZBA, Jake Lilley from FinCap and Nicola Eccleton from Good Shepherd NZ explored economic harm.

In this webinar you’ll gain insight into what economic harm looks like and how it is different to other forms of harm, why we use the term economic harm and not financial abuse and why economic harm is often invisible.

Plus, our panelists discuss what’s being done overseas to prevent economic harm and how we can adapt that in Aotearoa. 

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Money and You episode #4: What does economic harm look like?

Dr. Ayesha Scott (AUT), Martin King (BNZ), Nicola Eccleton (Good Shepherd NZ) & Angela Smart (MoneyTalks) discuss harmful financial relationships and what signs to look for.

Youth mentors explore economic harm

Mentors from Big Brothers Big Sisters gained insight into economic harm and the important role they can play to prevent it.

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