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What are these loans for?

The above is a guide only. Your community loan worker can discuss loan purposes with you. Loans are not for cash or existing bills. 

Our DEBTsolve programme combines specialist debt coaching and advocacy with debt solution loans for unmanageable debt.

Who are these loans for?

You may be able to apply for a no or low interest loan if your yearly income is less than the amounts listed in the table below: 

These amounts are a guide only.

These thresholds are current as at 1 April 2021 and are subject to change. 

Our loans are designed to help New Zealanders with
limited incomes improve their quality of life

“When you can’t eat what you like, everything is very bleak & dark. The loan has made an enormous, huge difference.”

– Maria, paid for dental work.

“I really liked that they made sure I would be able to keep up with the repayments and not be left in financial strife.”

– Nicky, bought a used car.


“My daughter has health problems & has to go to hospital. Now I’ve got a vehicle to take her to the medical centre.”

– Billy, bought a used car.


Repayment details

  • $300- 2,000 at 0% interest p.a.
  • $2,000 – $5,000 at 6.99% interest p.a.*
  • Debt solution loans as part of the DEBTsolve programme – up to $15,000 at 6.99% interest p.a.*
  • Up to three year term
  • Repayments are worked out based on your budget and what you can repay
  • No fees or charges 
Repayments include interest and are approximate only.

How do they work?

1. ASK

Ask about our loans by contacting your community loan worker. Find yours below.


Choose which loan is right for you, then fill out the paperwork with your community loan worker.


Your community loan worker will assist you with your options (including managing existing debts).


The loan provider will assess your application & make sure your loan payments are manageable.


If approved, the supplier is paid directly for your item.

Call your local community loan worker

If you are not able to visit your provider in person, please call our phone-based team 

0800 466 370

StepUP low interest loan
No interest loan

StepUP Loan only – If you are offered a loan you’ll have 30 days to confirm the item(s) you intend to purchase and provide evidence as to the cost. Approved purchase only, paid directly to suppliers/creditors (no cash loans).

*BNZ terms and conditions and lending criteria apply.

**Loans between $5,000 and $10,000 may be provided as part of our DEBTsolve programme.

Step Up Advanced Personal Loan T&Cs 2021
BNZ Standard Terms and Conditions
Personal Account Service & Facility Fees

Good Shepherd NZ, Bank of New Zealand and Ministry of Social Development

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