How Good Loans helped with Aaria’s busy life

February 15, 2022

Single mum of three, Aaria*, works nights, which means her car is essential to provide for her family while also maintaining their everyday routine.

“My car was getting older and less reliable. There were recurring problems and it cost more money each time to repair it, which could have been used for my family instead. A few times it broke down and I couldn’t get to work.”

Aaria has always been careful with her money and wanted to make sure she got the best deal.

“I did some research and looked at different options for financing a car purchase. I was focused on the cheapest interest rates available and that’s how I found Good Loans.”

Good Shepherd NZ’s Good Loans programme, which is supported by BNZ and MSD, is available in the Hastings region thanks to BudgetFirst.  

Before Aaria applied she had some concerns about the process.

“As a working beneficiary, I was worried that this might affect my ability to get a loan. Because I was buying a car, I also thought my restricted license would be a problem – but I didn’t have to worry.”

Aaria met with Gemma (pictured right) at BudgetFirst in Hastings for her application interview.

“The application process was so easy. It wasn’t complicated at all. I feel like my Good Loans Advisor, Gemma, did all the work. She was really efficient and it was all finished in only two visits.”

Two women sat at a desk looking at a piece of paper happily

Part of the interview process is to see what your budget really looks like and check that the loan is affordable for you.

“It was interesting to go through my budget in detail. I have always tried hard to manage money well for me and my family. It was very satisfying to see evidence of this and empowering to know that all the hard work pays off every week.”

It wasn’t long before Aaria heard the news that the loan had been approved and she found the perfect car in great condition.

“The car that I purchased is like brand new, it’s immaculate. I’ve noticed that the gas is way cheaper each week, and there haven’t been any problems with the car at all. The biggest difference for me was not having to worry about getting stuck or stranded, and not having to put money aside for the next thing that goes wrong.”

Six months down the line and Aaria is managing the repayments easily in her normal weekly budget.

“The repayments process is great, it’s all automatic so I don’t need to do anything. The affordability has been spot on. To be honest, I haven’t even noticed the repayments.”

Good Loans provide people on limited incomes with fair and affordable alternatives to borrowing from high-cost lenders.

“I would say to anyone considering a loan – if you don’t want to pay high interest or really long loan terms, just ask Good Loans and see if they can help. It is so affordable.”

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We work with BudgetFirst to give people in the Hastings area better access to our no interest Good Loans. 

If you’re located in the Hastings region and would like to know more or have any questions,  you can contact Good Loans Advisor, Gemma, from BudgetFirst on 06 878 0541 or 

*Please note: the name and any identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of the person involved.