Going the extra mile for our clients

July 20, 2021

John and Rose reached out for support to buy a new car, but with the help of our team they came away with much more.

Owning a reliable car is important for John and Rose. They both depend on a car to get them from A to B – including to doctors’ appointments and to buy groceries.

The couple had their car for over ten years and each year there was always something to fix – plus it was not getting any cheaper to repair.

John and Rose originally spoke to our Good Loans Advisor Erin who supports clients through our no interest Good Loans.

When they went through the budget together, Erin noticed two high interest store cards that they had been trying to pay off unsuccessfully.

Erin spoke to the couple about potentially joining DEBTsolve to get back on top of their unmanageable debt whilst also applying for a car loan.  

Our free DEBTsolve programme combines debt coaching, advocacy and debt solution loans of up to $10,000 to help with unmanageable debt.

Teaming up

John and Rose decided they would like to join DEBTsolve and teamed up with our Financial Wellbeing Coach Victoria.

Once they’d looked at the whole financial picture with Victoria, John and Rose decided to pay off the two cards with the help of a debt solution loan, whilst applying for a loan for a car at the same time.

At first the couple were hesitant because they saw the two store cards as a safety net.

But after Financial Wellbeing Coach Victoria had talked through the different options with them, they decided there were better ways for them to create a buffer in case of an emergency.  

John and Rose sold their old car and put that money aside as their savings and emergency fund.

At the end of the process the two cards were paid off in full and the accounts were closed.  

“John and Rose are very happy. They came to us for a car and now they are also free of stress from their two cards which they have been struggling to pay off for a long time.” Victoria said.

Going one step further

John and Rose also decided to take out Drive Insurance through the pilot project we are trialling with our partners at Vero.

Drive Insurance is fixed at just $8 per week which includes full coverage – plus, John and Rose do not need to pay any excess on their first claim.

John and Rose now have a greater sense of security, not only in their new car that they have fully insured, but with reduced lending costs and their new emergency fund they created themselves.

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Please note: the name and any identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of the clients involved.

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