How Good Loans helped Daniel and Sidra settle in New Zealand

October 12, 2021

Daniel and Sidra share their story of how Good Loans helped their family find their feet and feel financially confident when they moved to New Zealand.

Daniel and Sidra arrived in New Zealand in 2017 with two young children, as well as one on the way, and needed a loan to help their family get set up.

The couple went to The Salvation Army and met Good Loans Advisor, Paul, who suggested Good Loans.

Good Loans, which is a joint initiative with BNZ and is supported by MSD, is centred around the client’s financial wellbeing. It helps people purchase an essential item or service, whilst also building their financial capability.

We work with The Salvation Army, Aviva, Presbyterian Support Otago and BudgetFirst to ensure Good Loans can support as many people as possible living in New Zealand.

The experience

Daniel told us:

“The team [at The Salvation Army] gave us a very good welcome. They gave us a cup of tea, and Paul said, ‘OK, what can we help you with?’ It was very friendly.”

Daniel and Sidra asked their Good Loans Advisor, Paul, about getting rugs and curtains for their house. Daniel said the rugs and curtains would help create a warm home for their children and a place where they felt they could host visitors.

Paul helped them apply for a no-interest Good Loan.

“We can have people from our church to our home – we can experience fellowship and build relationships with other New Zealand people,” said Daniel.

Daniel and Sidra were so pleased with their Good Loan experience with Paul that later, when they needed a car, they approached him again.  

Paul was able to support them to access a Good Loan for a car.

“When we didn’t have a car transport was very difficult for us. With the kids at Kindercare, and to get to study, all on the bus, was difficult for us. I can now look after my family, get to Kindercare safely and on time.”

Paul also worked with Daniel and Sidra to also show them how the financial system worked in New Zealand so they could make informed financial decisions in the future.

 “When we came here, we didn’t have experience. We didn’t know about the banking system, it was difficult for us. Now we have put the app in our mobile and we can look at our statement and how much we have and how much we’ve used already.”

Daniel and Sidra found their Good Loans experience transparent and manageable.

“When we took the loans we talked about it, we knew we were able to pay that amount.”

While they are confident in their ability to keep managing their repayments, they would also feel comfortable asking for help if they needed to.

“If there are any problems, any confusion or misunderstanding we can discuss it together with Paul.”


Daniel and Sidra have worked hard to establish a home in New Zealand for their family, with support from The Salvation Army and Good Loans.

“They are a great example of people who are new to New Zealand building up their asset base really smartly.” Paul said.

Daniel offers this advice for other potential clients:

“I want to say to someone, if you need to buy some things and you are new in New Zealand, saving your money takes two or three months. If you use a Good Loan you don’t need to pay the deposit you can easily get the things and then pay back weekly.”

Daniel and Sidra are very grateful for the support they have received.

“Whenever we go into The Salvation Army office, they are friendly and listen to us carefully. Paul is a very good person and a very kind person.”

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