Podcast: Why is talking about money so hard?

July 18, 2022

What stops us from having healthy conversations about money? Why is it important to have these tricky conversations?

Nicola Eccleton from Good Shepherd NZ, and Dr Ayesha Scott from AUT Business School speak with BusinessDesk’s Investments Editor, Frances Cook on the podcast Cooking the Books.

About the speakers

Nicola Eccleton
Nicola Eccleton

Nicola is the Social Inclusion Manager at Good Shepherd NZ.

She was introduced to economic harm when she was working at family violence agency Aviva, piloting a Good Shepherd NZ microfinance programme to support Aviva’s clients.

Nicola co-wrote our 2018 research: Economic Abuse in New Zealand and is currently leading Good Shepherd New Zealand’s work in this area.

This includes the development of our healthy relationships toolkit, other economic harm resources and training, and a pilot programme supporting clients to address the impact of economic harm.

Dr Ayesha Scott

Ayesha is an interdisciplinary researcher, with an agenda that spans violence against women, empirical finance, personal finance and financial econometrics.

She is passionate about healthy financial relationships and an advocate against economic harm in intimate relationships.

Ayesha joined the AUT Business School, Finance Department in October 2016.

She obtained her PhD in Financial Econometrics in July 2016 from Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Australia, and has undergraduate degrees in Mathematics and Finance.

Her research, teaching, and professional interests focus on improving New Zealanders’ understanding of healthy financial relationships and their personal financial fitness.


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