Porirua College students to shine a light on family violence

October 21, 2021

Students from Porirua College are promoting healthy relationships and taking a stand against family and relationship violence.

We’ve been working with Porirua College and its students to explore family violence and its impact through the Shine in School programme.

The programme, which is designed by Shine, supports young people to have healthy relationships so that they can become a generation that stands up against family violence. 

Students are encouraged to bring their own ideas to life by planning events, activities and other projects, with the intention to educate their peers’ and communities’ attitudes and behaviours about healthy relationships and family violence.

Porirua College Deputy Principal, Ngarangi Kingi, said:

“As a school, we hope to see our students engage with our communities and to teach others about what they have learned.”

New Zealand has some of the worst statistics for family violence in the OCED.

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14% of young people reported being hit or physically harmed on purpose by an adult at home within a 12 month period.
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One in three women experience family violence in their lifetime.

Our Family Violence Facilitator, Kitiona Tauira, has been working with students through workshops and training sessions to equip them the knowledge, skills and tools they need to become leaders of change in their communities.

Kitiona said:

“Family violence statistics in New Zealand aren’t improving, which is why it’s so important we help our younger generations identify what family violence is when it’s happening. 

Shine in School addresses this and empowers students to become champions of change by promoting safe and healthy relationships.”

We have also started working with Aotea College and its students to provide the Shine in School programme and are excited to be able to continue the programme into next year.

If you’d like to more information about the Shine in School programme or would like to enquire about having the programme at your college in Wellington, please get in touch.

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