The value of affordable and accessible car insurance

June 29, 2021

Loan worker Rosalie witnesses first-hand the happiness and security Drive Insurance* provides for her clients.

“When my clients discover that not only can they purchase an essential item like a car but can also access affordable insurance, they’re delighted,” Rosalie said. 

Drive Insurance is a tailored comprehensive car insurance product that aims to improve financial resilience for Kiwis, like Rosalie’s clients, who may be excluded from the car insurance market.

It is currently being piloted in partnership with Vero

Rosalie (pictured above) told us her clients often have a lot going on, including limited access to the internet, so a big benefit is issuing the loan and assisting clients to apply for Drive Insurance at the same time.

“Supporting clients through the administration of the applications is a big part of our role. Being able to do it all at the same time really takes the pressure of clients.”

One of Rosalie’s clients shared:

“I want to say thank you for your help and patience with my enquiry for help in seeking a loan.  Your help with the form made a difference so thank you!”

Building financial capability

Providing information about car insurance also encourages financial capability by teaching clients the value of having insurance, Rosalie told us.

Rosalie works with clients who have never had insurance before. She told us it is very rewarding to be able to let clients know about something that can provide financial security if things go wrong.

Rosalie also works with clients who are buying their first car.

“When we get younger clients who are buying their first car, it’s great to be able to help them get into the habit of getting insurance with a car.”

Once clients learn they have the option of getting affordable and accessible car insurance at the same time as their loan, Rosalie said it’s very often a yes.

“It’s nice to support clients to get a car, but also protect them from any potential accidents. It’s a relief for them and gives me peace of mind.”

One client of Rosalie’s is a solo parent with two children – one of whom needs full-time care.

Previously she was using a bike to transport the children around. 

But now that she has a car and insurance she and her children have more freedom – and that is protected thanks to Drive Insurance.

“If we can support clients with insurance, it makes their life easier and it helps protects their future”.

*Drive Insurance is currently being piloted. Right now, it is only available for clients when they are using a Good Loan to purchase a car.

Click here for more information about the Drive Insurance pilot.

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