What to expect when joining DEBTsolve

March 14, 2023

This programme gets great results but it isn’t a quick fix. Working through unmanageable debt can be complex and requires commitment from you to get back on track.

DEBTsolve is provided entirely over the phone and through email. We often work with our clients anywhere between a few weeks to a few months – depending on the current financial situation.

The process begins with a conversation with your Financial Wellbeing Coach to understand your unique situation – including questions about your current budget, any historic or current debts, and your long-term financial goal.

If you’re a good fit for the programme, you will need to complete our DEBTsolve commitment statement which indicates you understand DEBTsolve isn’t a quick fix; and our privacy authorisation form which allows us to contact creditors on your behalf and to negotiate payments with them.

You will also need to provide the following documentation:

This could be a payslip, or a statement from MSD, Studylink or ACC.

You will need bank statements from the previous three consecutive months, for all the accounts you use, including any store cards or credit cards.

You can choose to use Credit Sense to give us access to your bank statements electronically.

Click here to learn about Credit Sense

We need to be able to confirm the amount of your other liabilities. This could be another loan statement, your Hire Purchase balance, or your buy now, pay later statement.

It’s possible that you may be asked for some additional documentation to complete the application.

This might include documents such as:

  • Further proof of income
    If you work casual or seasonal work, or your income varies quite a lot, we may need to ask you for more documents that prove the loan would be affordable

  • Further proof of liabilities
    For example, your bank statement might show a regular payment going out that you have since cancelled, and we would require proof of cancellation so we could exclude it from your budget

Identity verification

We also need to confirm you are who you say you are. This can be any of following:

A New Zealand driver’s license AND a supporting form of ID such as NZ bank statement, statement or item from a government agency.
(e.g. Community Services Card).
One form of non-photo ID such as a birth certificate, certificate of citizenship AND a supporting form of photo ID such as a driver's licence, Kiwi Access or 18+ card.
One form of primary photo ID such as a passport or firearms license.
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Evidence of address

An official document that has your name and current residential address, such as:

If you have recently moved, or are in temporary accommodation we may need some more information.

Joint finances

If your household income and expenses are shared, you will need to complete a joint application and provide confirmation documentation as above for both of you.

Debt solution loans

One of the things that we may be able to consider is a no interest debt solution loan of to $15,000 to consolidate your debts, however this is not always guaranteed. We follow the Government’s Responsible Lending Guidelines, which means your Financial Wellbeing Coach will need to make sure you have enough money left to repay the loan after meeting all your essential living costs.

If we are unable to assist with a loan we can look at budgeting and financial mentoring, debt reduction plans, hardship applications, or negotiating payment plans with your creditors. If none of these are the right option, then we can look to see what other agencies might be able to help. 



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