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International Economic Harm Awareness Day

Providing economic harm support to people affected by family harm as part of moving into a life free from violence.

26th November 2023

The impact of economic harm

Economic harm is a form of family violence, and it can also be the result of other forms of violence. It includes behaviour that controls restricts or removes someone’s access to money or participation in financial decisions, damages property, sabotages employment and leaves people with debts and poor credit history created through coercive and abusive behaviour.

These are common things we see:

Supporting better responses

We work with creditors to provide information about how economic harm affects their customers, and how they can provide appropriate support.

We provide insights into the issues facing our clients and advocate for changes to policies and processes that are exacerbating harm.


We produce research, reports and resources to raise awareness of economic harm and support people to take steps to reduce harm in their own communities.

How organisations can 'Make a Difference'
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Support for employers - Resource hub
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Economic Harm Support Service - Evaluation
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Recommendations and Insights - Interim report
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Economic Abuse in New Zealand - Report
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Evaluation feedback
Economic harm and creditors
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Supporting clients

We have been providing an Economic Harm Support Service for the past two years, helping people to navigate the economic fallout from an abusive relationship, negotiate joint debt when there is a protection order in place between the parties, and support people to access financial support.

Who we are

The ability for our Economic Harm Specialists to reach the right support at the right time is critical for positive client outcomes. Our Economic Harm specialists work to negotiate:

Interest free overdrafts or loans from banks
Fees or penalties removed
Goodwill payments from creditors
Reduced repayment arrangements
Liability on joint debt restricted to a half share rather than the total amount
Debt consolidation or write-off
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Evaluation feedback

We need your help!

This service is changing lives for people overcoming the impact of family violence.

We are looking for donors and sponsors to co-fund this service with us and we’d love to hear from you!
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International partners

We work with organisations across the world to raise awareness, advocate and explore how we can better support people experiencing economic harm. 

Make a difference

We are a not-for-profit organisation working to improve the financial and social wellbeing of New Zealanders.
The resources on this website are provided free of charge to make sure they are available for people who need them.
Consider making a donation to ensure we can continue supporting those people who need our help.

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