From breaking point to financial freedom

August 31, 2023

We all know that scams are everywhere, and constantly becoming more sophisticated, making them tough to navigate. Unfortunately, Jane found this out the hard way. Scrolling Facebook one day, what she thought was a great deal, turned out to be a scam.

The scam cost the single, stay at home mum almost $3,000 that she didn’t have to spare.

Jane found herself in a difficult situation, the scam put her into further hardship and with other debts and bills piling up, Jane told us she was at breaking point.

After a quick Google search looking for financial assistance and debt consolidation, she found Good Shepherd’s DEBTsolve programme, and Financial Wellbeing Coach, Paula, responded to her enquiry.

Good Shepherd NZ provides Good Loans with no fees or interest, for people to purchase essential items like second-hand cars or appliances, and to provide debt solutions for people struggling with unmanageable debt.

Jane was eligible to apply for DEBTsolve based on her household income and began to talk with Paula about the issues she needed help with.

Jane describes herself as naturally assertive but after her experience with the social media scam, she had lost her confidence. Paula supported Jane to address her most pressing needs, get a loan for car repairs and to pay her debts.

Once that was dealt with, they were able to come up with a financial plan together so Jane could get on top of her financial situation and begin planning for the future.

“Paula’s help and guidance helped me so much, helped my brain shift thinking and stop the panic. She helped change my thought patterns with finance. She was so kind and understanding,” Jane said.

Rather than a feeling of dread hanging over her, she told us she now has a sense of calm and felt positive about her and her family’s future. She believes it is so important to be financially educated and is looking forward to sharing her newfound knowledge with her teenage son. “I am teaching him ways with money.”

Without the burden of unmanageable debt, Jane says she now has the confidence and skills to make a plan to get into work.

“I know people are shy or embarrassed or proud.  But if you are, don’t; reach out for help. Good Shepherd don’t judge – they just help you. Good Shepherd felt homely, like I was being embraced.”