How is DEBTsolve different?

June 16, 2021

DEBTsolve is designed to help you take back control of your unmanageable debt. 

We explore DEBTsolve in detail to find out what makes our programme stand out.

1. You work with specialists who are focused on you and your long-term financial wellbeing 

You get one-on-one confidential support from one of our dedicated Financial Wellbeing Coaches. 

Our skilled and friendly Financial Wellbeing Coaches will work with you in confidentiality to: 

Understand your financial situation
Identify the best possible solution for you
Create your own unique plan that will help you get on top of your debt
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2. You could potentially gain access to a debt solution loan  

To help you tackle unmanageable debt DEBTsolve combines:

Debt coaching
Debt solution loans of up to $15,000
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3. You get ongoing support  

When you commit to DEBTsolve, you get ongoing support from your Financial Wellbeing Coach to implement your own unique financial plan of action whilst regaining control of your financial situation. 


4. We’ll help you negotiate with lenders  

Your specialist Financial Wellbeing Coach will help you negotiate with lenders to reduce your existing debts and create more manageable repayments. 


5. It’s free 

We’re on your side.  

We want to help you regain control of your unmanageable debt which is why our DEBTsolve programme is free. 

Take back control of your unmanageable debt by enquiring about DEBTsolve today