Investing in the future

March 5, 2021

Beth is a busy single mother of six children aged between one and 14. She took out a Good Loan for course fees to train in a new career. 

“If I hadn’t been able to get this loan I wouldn’t have been able to do this course” she said. “Going off the benefit is my main goal. I want to be my own boss.” Beth said.

She finds the loan repayments really manageable. 

“I have always been quite a good budgeter. I know what I have got coming in each week and what needs to go out. My repayments are around $18 a week and it isn’t much – I don’t really notice it coming out” Beth said. 

“There’s no hidden fees or anything and it shouldn’t take me too long to pay off because you are paying a good chunk of (principal) payments each month.” She found the loan application process easy and loan worker was friendly and helpful.

Beth is proud.  Her kids now see her studying. 

“It’s definitely an investment in my future,” she said.

“I needed to bring in a few documents showing my income and expenses just to make sure I could cover the loan and it wasn’t going to leave me too short.”

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