Meet our Financial Wellbeing Coach Noel

July 27, 2021

We speak to Noel about his experience of debt and his journey to now helping others overcome their own debt through DEBTsolve.

Five years ago Noel (pictured left) found himself in over $50,000 worth of debt – one of which included a high interest car loan.

Noel told us that when he was taking out the loans, he wasn’t giving it much thought. He only began to realise the harm he was creating for himself when he got a job as a debt collector.

“I was sending field agents to people’s homes, initiating legal proceedings, and recovering funds from people who had limited incomes,” Noel said.

After witnessing people and families losing their income, homes, and other assets, Noel decided it was time to start paying off his own debts and make a change in his career. 

Supporting others

For over two years Noel has been helping others get back on their feet by helping them overcome their unmanageable debt and hasn’t looked back since.

Noel supports New Zealanders with high-cost debts as a Financial Wellbeing Coach on our DEBTsolve programme.

DEBTsolve pairs specialist debt coaching and advocacy support, with a debt solution loan of up to $10,000.

“One of the biggest challenges Kiwis face when it comes to debt is feeling comfortable enough to talk about the subject and seeking help as soon as things start to go wrong.” Noel shared.

Money is a taboo topic which makes discussing debt an uncomfortable topic.

“This can often lead to people taking out more loans to service the debt they already have.” Noel shared.

“My Financial Wellbeing Coach and loan worker were so helpful and understanding. They made me feel a lot better about my financial situation and gave me a lot of hope.”

Hannah, Noel’s client

Preventing bad debt

We asked Noel if there were any changes that could be made to help Kiwis avoid bad debt.

According to Noel, the answer is to ensure basic financial education is available to everyone.

“A lack of information makes people vulnerable. Loan sharks are always finding new ways to reach people, so we must be proactive.” Noel said.

Our DEBTsolve programme builds skills and knowledge that will help you make more informed financial decisions in the future.

Financial Wellbeing Coaches work with you to create unique financial plans that explore:

How to tackle different types of debt
What to pay off first
What should be negotiated
Where to go for support

Our Financial Wellbeing Coaches will also help you negotiate with lenders to reduce existing debts and create more manageable repayments.

This creates a better understanding of personal rights should you choose to take out a loan in the future.

Last year Noel helped 56 clients with their unmanageable debt.

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Take advantage of a Financial Wellbeing Coach

If you’re in debt, speaking to a Financial Wellbeing Coach can help put your mind at ease.

Our friendly Financial Wellbeing Coaches will:

Work with you to understand your financial situation.
Support you to find your best possible solution
Help you identify where the financial issues are.
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  • Work with you to understand your financial situation
  • Help you identify where the financial issues are
  • Support you to find your best possible solution

“You should speak to a Financial Wellbeing Coach as soon as things start to go wrong. We’re here to help you and there is nothing to be embarrassed about.” Noel shared.

Debt is stressful and can be hard to get on top of – which is why we make sure you have ongoing support from your Financial Wellbeing Coach from start to finish.

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