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Valuing contributions

It is important to appreciate the other contributions made to the relationship – not all value is visible like money.

Valuing other contributions in a relationship, such as childcare, is often overlooked or forgotten. It can create tension as both people try to gain a level of equality and work out the different responsibilities in their partnership.

It’s unusual for both partners to earn exactly the same income. 

In male-female relationships, the person who brings home less money is often the woman due to the gender pay gap.

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The cost of paying a service provider to manage the household chores and care for children per year

This inequity between partners becomes even more visible when couples decide to have a family – and it is still commonly women who reduce their working hours or leave their job to raise the children. 

These essential but unpaid responsibilities are valuable e.g. household chores, managing accounts, caring for children/family members.

Nigel Latta’s series ‘Mind over money’ on TVNZ estimates that the financial equivalent of being a stay at home parent comes to the value of $2,735 a week or $142,000 a year.

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